Softly, softly, through the darkness

Snow is falling.

Sharply, sharply, in the meadows

Lambs are calling.

Coldly, coldly, all around me

Winds are blowing.

Brightly, brightly, up above me

Stars are glowing.

B. E. Milner

There is light at the end of the tunnel in more ways than one…it was Candlemas yesterday and an important moment in our year as it marks the midway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. It’s time to recognise that winter is on its way out, the light is beginning to return, and spring is finally on its way!

Imbolc Brigid

Traditionally in Scotland the winter cross-quarter day was celebrated as Imbolc, a feast  honouring Brigid who, in Celtic tradition, is a goddess of the Dawn, of healing, of fertility. The feast day in her honor marks the beginning of the lambing season, a sign of the earth coming back to life after the fallow time of winter. As Celtic Christianity developed, Imbolc became Candlemas, and Brigid became a saint, and the celebrations merged. It is known as a celebration of hearth and home, of the coming warmth, of fertility and purification and new life.

We have also had some great news, we got the grant from Awards for All to open the new Chiron Hub – Centre for healing. This money gratefully received will be used to buy the materials and equipment we need to create our 4 different therapy rooms – Dance Movement, Drama, Music and Art Psychotherapy. It is also covering all of the many different things needed to set up this much needed new service for children and their parents/carers and guardians.

We are nearing the end of our renovations and hope to be opened by the end of February. If there is anyone you know who you think might benefit from our service then please send me an email, we can have a chat about it. There are many different ways of funding this service that we can help source.