A lantern walk

Wednesday 10th November 2021

at dusk…

The lantern walk honours, in a universal way, the story of St. Martin, patron saint of beggars and outcasts, who was known for his gentleness and his ability to bring warmth and light to those in need.

As the sun sets earlier and rises later, the world grows darker and the inner light of humankind shines forth. Handmade lanterns, are lit as a symbol for the children of their own individual light. This walk into the cold, dark evening gives an experience of caring and sharing as we move toward the darkness of winter…. 

We are warmly welcoming the P4-6 at Kirkmichael primary School to join us for our Lantern Walk at dusk, here at Kindrogan Somerville School.

The children will walk from the Kirkmichael School along the Cateran Trail to Kindrogan, where they will be invited to join us for a baked apple and story about Saint Martin by the fire.

Once rested, the children will begin our quiet and reflective procession around the grounds with our lanterns lit, singing songs for this celebration of light as we move into the darkest part of the year.