We had our very first Advent Spiral on Tuesday, as last week we were all without power here in Enochdhu. It was a cold and wintry day with snow beginning to fall heavily an hour before the children from P1-3 were due to arrive from Kirkmichael Primary school. As we watched the large snowflakes falling, making a thick carpet of snow on the ground, we thought Mr. Louden bringing the mini bus would not arrive…then we heard the sound of children’s voices echoing outside…here they were…trudging through the snow to begin their celebration of light.

Thank you to the children who came to share this celebration with us, and made it such a magical and joyful experience…

The Waldorf library is a great source of information and inspiration, in it I found this article describing the very first Advent in 1927 within the Steiner education movement.

“A magical indoor garden is made out of moss and is decorated with crystals and with the last flowers of the year. A little path leads gradually to the centre of the moss garden, where there stands a raised candle. It is getting dark outside and in the room there is only the light of the single candle. More candles, set in apples, are waiting at the entrance to the path. The children come in quietly and expectantly and take their places around this unusually dark garden. With reverence they listen to [a song about Mary and her stars]. Now with the help of the children themselves it can become lighter in this dark garden. One after the other the children walk the path to the centre, lighting their own small candle; gradually, together, these give light and warmth to the whole garden. The ceremony is accompanied by quiet music on the lyre and by the attentive way in which everyone present inwardly takes part as the children walk with their candles.”

“Although it is such a simple children’s tradition, it is filled with wisdom, and with this little festival begins the true inwardness of the weeks before Christmas.

It is the mood of wonder and reverence in this festival, as it is repeated every year, awakening healing forces in the souls of the children and opening their hearts to the good in the world. As they walk with dignity to the light at the centre, there is revealed in each child a deep humanity and uprightness -gifts which were received in early childhood from the spiritual world. By helping to bring light to the garden they can express their thanks, and their will to help in the world is strengthened. The soul of the child is deeply satisfied and is filled with hope for the future.”