Growing Hope

We are very pleased to share the news we have been successful in our grant application to Scotland Loves Local. This will cover the cost of preparing the 1 acre walled garden space at Kindrogan Somerville School for growing to begin this Spring. We have now begun clearing work and building the infrastructure for growing beds, sheds, and also the part-time posts for 2 gardeners until April this year.

This work will be in phases as not only are we clearing the long abandoned walled garden, but also restoring the B-listed wall of the walled garden. The wall has suffered significant damage in the last storm and also broken sections from wear and corrosion over time.

We are also super duper pleased to have been successful in our application to the Drumderg fund to pay for a traditional stonemason to repair the worst section of the wall. This work will begin in the Spring when the weather warms up. Restoring this wall is a large project and will be broken into sections due to the high cost of traditional wall construction. We will continue working on repairing this until it has returned to its former glory!