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The Chiron Hub offers Art Psychotherapy for all who are in need of help and support. Based at the Kindrogan Somerville School, the Hub provides a confidential, non-judgemental and supportive environment staffed with HCPC registered Art Psychotherapists for children, young people, support for their families and adults.

Art PsychotherapY

Sometimes it can be difficult to put feelings into words and using art materials can help communication and free us up to find new ways to move forward in life. Art Psychotherapy provides a safe space for reflective thinking, relaxation and emotional release.

It is found to be particularly helpful in early childhood trauma and in cases where putting feelings into words is difficult.


The cost for an individual children and young persons’s session at the Chiron Hub based in The Kindrogan Somerville School, is £100 per 1 hour session. This price includes support for the accompanying guardian/carer/parent.

We also offer 1:1 Art Psychotherapy for adults for £60 per 1 hour session.

The cost of groups can be arranged individually depending of the requirements of the group.


As experts in the field of childhood trauma and recovery, we wish to share our knowledge and experience in any way that will help.


We offer training on understanding childhood trauma. This can take the form of individually tailored workshops or events, specific issues based focus groups, or Continual professional development sessions.

We also offer a variety of in-service training for teachers.


We have an Art Therapy Group for adults and young people on Mondays, 4-6pm. This is by donation; pay what you can afford. Please contact the Chiron Hub to book your place as spaces are limited to six.

Guardian support

At the Chiron Hub we know that a successful and enduring healing journey includes all those around the child, and so we always work in partnership with and support the Guardian of the child simultaneously.

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We are part of the therapeutic services of the Kindrogan School.

The Kindrogan Somerville School



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