We believe that to educate, nurture and inspire the whole child, we must always also work with the child to integrate and make sense of the their many experiences accumulated along life’s path, on their journey towards adulthood. 

At The Kindrogan Somerville School we acknowledge that childhood can be challenging and difficult. There are many experiences a child can have that results in upset or confusion. 

Every student embarks upon a healing journey with their own Art Psychotherapist whilst attending the Kindrogan Somerville School. 

Art Psychotherapy uses creative expression and the development over time of a consistent, trusting relationship between the therapist and the child, to effect change and growth. 

Art Psychotherapy uses a psychodynamic, non-directive approach allowing the child to work through difficulties they may have at their own pace, and in a manner that is appropriate and meaningful to them. This is essential when addressing painful or confusing experiences that are often overwhelming and upsetting to talk or think about. This way of working has been proven to work particularly well with children as it does not rely upon the spoken word to communicate and express our internal world, or develop relationships. 

In order that a child fulfils their true potential and finds their purpose in life, they must liberate themselves from past experiences that can lead to unhelpful self beliefs, unnecessary habits or dysfunctional ways of relating to themselves, others and our material world. 

By providing a therapeutic relationship, space for reflection, and the tools to digest and process experiences, we can remove obstacles or barriers to learning and growth, and thereby facilitate the child’s freedom of expression, and for the birth of their true self.