Community Market Garden at Kindrogan

We named this project Fàs Dòchas – from the Scot’s Gaelic for “Growing Hope”. It is our intention to establish a dedicated space within the community as a Community Food and Recycling Hub, utilising the long ago mothballed Straloch Primary School, near Enochdhu, and the walled garden here at Kindrogan Somerville School.

The transformed Straloch School will provide a dedicated Community Venue, a place for people to come together and explore the field of growing food, from seed to plate and back again. Fostering the importance of understanding your food, how to grow it, store it and even cook it.

With circular economies becoming ever more necessary, food security, agroecological/ traditional approaches to food production are making a resurgence in today’s climate and is an essential component for the long-term wider health and strength of a community; to be able to access fresh chemical-free local produce on your doorstep, equipped with the knowledge and skills to achieve home grown food yourself.

In Partnership with the “Soil to Slice” campaign, we intend to create a local “Peasant Bakery” within The Old Straloch School as an outlet for our locally grown food and Bakery products.

Physical Objectives

• Peasant Bakery selling fresh bread + Delivery
• Online video library resource
• Hands on Workshops – soil health, biochar, fungi, composting, recycling, baking • Dedicated Community Venue – kindle community spirit• Local productive Market Garden providing affordable locally grown chemical-free food
• Recycling workshop, turning local waste into a local resource
• Veg/Bakery Box delivery via e-cargo bike
• Decrease plastic food waste through utilising sustainable materials such as paper and wood or recycled plastic or glass for food delivery packaging
• Seed Collection for local geographic specific seed bank stock  • Zero Waste refill Station

Meta-Physical Objectives

• Strengthen Community identity, cohesion and belonging
• Inspire youth to adopt growing and recycling for their future
• Create engaged and motivated members of the community and worldwide citizenship
• Increase locally sourced healthier food availability
• Decrease Carbon miles of food supply chain
• Broaden awareness of ecological issues in agriculture and waste streams
• Empower local community to sculpt their future and define their own services and resources.  •Increased social inclusion and mental health and wellbeing • Adding sustainability and value to this local community out future here

View our project proposal below…