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“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived.”

Joseph Campbell

In our Kindergarten class the emphasis is very much on the children’s active doing. Children learn by walking in the woods and climbing trees; by uninhibited self-directed play indoors and outdoors; through story-telling; watching and performing puppet shows; through sewing, felting, weaving, chopping vegetables, baking, painting, drawing, sweeping and washing up.

Teachers provide a meaningful environment rich in story-telling, puppetry, children’s verses and songs. These activities that hone the child’s gross and fine motor skills, the rhythmic pattern of the day, and the rich language surrounding the children, form the foundation for the mastering of numeracy and literacy skills that begins in Class 1.

A nurturing haven for the 3 to 6 year old, kindergarten offers a rich foundation for the young child and new family. Rhythm underpins the life of the young child as activities resonate with the seasons, the months and the days. Imaginative play, simple natural toys, song and story all support the focus of nurturing and strengthen the senses and the physical body of the child.

Each day is marked with a different activity such as planting in the garden, bread baking, painting, walking in the woods, cleaning and sweeping, a seasonal craft activity such as candle dipping or working with fleece, and festivals such as Michaelmas. The rhythms of greeting, of circle time where verses, games and stories are brought to the children, and of sharing a meal together anchor each day in the comfort of an anticipated and innate order.
Gaelic is interwoven through verses and stories and many other cultures are brought in the stories of the year either through puppet shows or the teacher’s narration. Stories and their shaping and melodious power are vital to the life of the kindergarten. The repetition of rhythms and the pictures of a story are carefully chosen for the sense of universal connection and depth they offer the eager child.

Meal times are shared and the mutual give and take of conversation is cultivated. The food shared is often grown and prepared by the children and is whenever possible, organic.

The strength and enthusiasm of the young child who is supported in this way, enables the child to step towards formal schooling kindled with a love for life. The kindergarten serves as a bridge between the familiar world of the home and the new world of the school.

Art Psychotherapy

All students have access to Art Psychotherapy

Nature based Learning

Our curriculum is grounded in the rhythm of the natural world. This provides a firm foundation for the developing child.

Building a School Community

We recognise and value the importance of bringing people together.

Joining the Kindergarten:

Enquiries are welcomed via the form you will find on this page. Information regarding the admissions process is found here. Our admissions team will be happy to help answer any questions you may have and provide the necessary information.

Details about the current Kindergarten fees can be found here