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Gift a Tree

Dedicate a tree to a loved one or mark a special occasion with the gift that keeps on growing.

Your tree will be an indigenous nut, fruit or berry tree, to help create a natural sustainable boundary and orchard for the school. 

Your donation will go towards the school and transforming the lives of all who attend. We recommend a minimum donation of £10. 

We do not label trees to keep the environment as natural as possible, but you will receive via post:

. Certificate

. Information about the tree/history of the area

. Map of how to find your tree 

. Your donation listed in our Gift A Tree Dedication Book, located in Seada Luis at the front of the Kindrogan School.

Please fill in the details form by clicking the ‘fill in form’ button, before making your donation. Once received, we will contact you and keep you up to date with the process.

Seada Luis

Seada Luis is our communication portal and space for sharing. This box was made from wood we harvested from a naturally fallen Rowan Tree, hence the name that is Gaelic for the Rowan Shed.

Seada Luis can be found roughly 100m down the track from the school, and is usually stocked with our fresh free range eggs from our own 12 new hens kindly brought to us by ‘A Wing and a Prayer’.

When the summer arrives, we hope to be using this space to also provide fresh vegetables from our walled garden.

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