Summer School is out

We thoroughly enjoyed welcoming all those who attended the Kindrogan Summer School Experience.

During our Great Greek week we made and cooked organic bread over our open camp fire, learned about the Gods and how the world began, sculpted, made clay pots and artefacts, made togas and decorated them.

The Magnificent Maori week was filled with riverside adventures, we made Ti Rakau sticks, danced the Haka and used face paint to create body art.

In the Courageous Celt week, we discovered wool crafts with washing and carding raw fleece then transforming this into felt, made charcoal on the fire for drawing and learned to dance the Flying Scotsman.

We all worked hard to create a nurturing and safe environment for exploration, free expression and creative play, combined with opportunities for shared learning and most importantly to make friends and have fun.

This was all embedded in the culture we fostered of kindness, mutual respect, and caring. It was a truly magical experience and we were grateful to have accompanied the children on their journey of playful discovery, growth and the making of memories…as one child said, we wished the summer would never end!

If you were one of the pioneers who joined us this year, we would be grateful if you would share with us any feedback you may have about you and your child’s experience with us. It helps us to keep improving ourselves and what we provide.

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Summer Fair and Open Day

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a Summer Fair and Open Day on the 10th July, 10am – 3pm!

The day will be filled with art, music and hopefully sunshine. This is a great opportunity to learn more about Steiner Education, Creative Psychotherapies and to share your hopes and wishes for Kindrogan.

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Kindrogan Open Day Poster