Based upon the principles of the internationally recognised Steiner Waldorf curriculum, our aim is to develop responsible, free-thinking young people who can contribute to society with initiative and purpose.

Steiner described his ideal of a comprehensive education as one that encompasses everyone regardless of of social or religious background. The basis of this ‘art of education’ was  – and still is – a deep understanding of the physical, emotional , intellectual and spiritual needs of the developing human being.

The philosophy (Anthroposophy) behind the education can be applied to all walks of life and it is out of this that the teachers work. The philosophy itself, however, is not taught to the children.

There are currently over 1,100 Steiner Schools worldwide in 64 different countries, and nearly 2,000 Early Years settings in more than 70 countries.  It is the fastest growing education movement in the world.

From arriving to the final year of formal education, subject matter is linked to a child’s developmental stage, which both inspires and motivates the pupils. Teachers teach to the whole child – and each lesson is revealed in a three-fold manner: through the intellectual capacities (thinking), artistic and emotional capacities (feeling), and practical skill-building capacities (willing). All subjects are linked, and each lesson integrates academic work with fine arts and practical arts, so that a child is not only intellectually engaged, but emotionally and aesthetically invested in their learning.

This holistic approach to education, something which Curriculum for Excellence is striving to achieve, provides our pupils with a number of key benefits.

The Somerville School views education as reaching beyond academic qualifications and skills.

We aim for our pupils to: 

  • be equipped for the world with a strong sense of values, responsibility and confidence
  • be able to think freely and independently, with lifelong curiosity for learning
  • be able to find a place in the world where they can fulfil their full potential
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