The benefits of an all girls’ education

At The Kindrogan Somerville School we are committed to single-gender education at secondary level. Young children enjoy each other’s company when they are playing and learning together in the classroom but, when they move to senior level, boys and girls can inhibit each other.

With an all girls’ education at The Kindrogan Somerville School our girls:

  • Have the opportunity to find themselves and their voices, ignore stereotypes and become confident young women
  • Are free to develop as girls and learn from their teachers and each other that they are capable of excellence in every aspect of their lives
  • Feel more confident at choosing subjects which they enjoy and are good at without being influenced by their peers or thinking that there are certain subjects that are more suited to boys than girls
  • Have the freedom to focus academically without distractions
  • Are encouraged to be ambitious, to set very high standards for themselves and learn leadership skills, making them ready to take their place in society as strong leaders and role-models for future generations of girls.